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romans 13 commentary bible hub

Commentaries for Romans Chapter 13 The duty of subjection to governors. The necessities of the body must be considered, but the lusts of it must not be gratified. 3. It forbids an anxious encumbering care. The answer, “Render to Cæsar,” &c., left matters precisely as they stood, for the real question was, “What was Cæsar’s, and what was not?” The ambiguity of the reply was intended. His experience in Palestine would tell him to what unscrupulous acts of violence this might lead. The least show of resistance or sedition in a Christian would soon be aggravated and improved, and would be very prejudicial to the whole society; and therefore they had more need than others to be exact in their subjection, that those who had so much occasion against them in the matter of their God might have no other occasion. This is the intention of magistracy, and therefore we must, for conscience’ sake, be subject to it, as a constitution designed for the public good, to which all private interests must give way. 2. For there is no power but of God: this is a reason of the foregoing injunction: q.d. Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. Not in chambering and wantonness; not in any of those lusts of the flesh, those works of darkness, which are forbidden in the seventh commandment. This is the lesson the apostle teaches, and it becomes all Christians to learn and practise it, that the godly in the land may be found (whatever others are) the quiet and the peaceable in the land. Their religious hopes took a political form. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. The reasons to enforce this duty. This is equally true at all times, that the powers that exist, exist by the permission and providence of God. 4:3), high time indeed, for behold the bridegroom cometh." Lascivious thoughts and affections, lascivious looks, words, books, sons, gestures, dances, dalliances, which lead to, and are degrees of, that uncleanness, are the wantonness here forbidden—whatsoever transgresseth the pure and sacred law of chastity and modesty. In either case a great responsibility is assumed, and it is especially desirable that the judgment of the individual should be fortified by the consent of others, if possible by the suffrages of the majority of those who are in a position to judge. The dominion of the Messiah was to be not a spiritual, but a literal dominion, in which they, as a people, were to share. Not only so, but when resistance was made on His behalf, He rebuked the disciple who had drawn the sword for Him. In his own case the apostle would not have known the sinfulness of his thoughts, motives, and actions, but by the law. Love intends and designs no ill to any body, is utterly against the doing of that which may turn to the prejudice, offence, or grief of any. "The salvation we are upon the brink of: Now is our salvation nearer than when we believed—than when we first believed, and so took upon us the profession of Christianity. This is called the armour of light, some think alluding to the bright glittering armour which the Roman soldiers used to wear; or such armour as it becomes us to wear in the day-light. And those who spurn at their power reflect upon God himself. Erasmus thinks it was inserted by some interpreter, by way of explanation; but it is found in all ancient copies, therefore that conceit of his is without foundation. 5:17-19,21; Romans 13:9 Lev. (1.) Lit., the existing. Not in strife and envying. Due taxes: Tribute to whom tribute is due, custom to whom custom. 6:31. Any such seemingly direct collision of duties must be at the very lightest a most serious and difficult matter; and though the burden of deciding falls ultimately on the individual, still he must be careful to remember that his particular judgment is subject to that fallibility to which, all individual judgments are liable. Were there no restraints of human laws in these things, no punishments incurred (which the malignity of human nature hath made necessary), the law of love would of itself be effectual to prevent all such wrongs and injuries, and to keep peace and good order among us. 3:11, 14. ", II. With them politics and religion were intimately blended. It may be said to be more distinctly and peculiarly derived from Him than other parts of the order of nature, inasmuch as it is the channel used to convey His moral approbation, or the reverse. Be subject - Submit. 13. Hence it appears that laws with penalties for the lawless and disobedient (1 Tim. He speaketh not here of the person, nor of the abuse, nor of the manner of getting into power, but of the thing itself, viz. This the Christian religion clearly taught; and in cases like these, it was indispensable for Christians to take a stand. 82:6), because they bear the image of God’s authority. Render therefore to all their dues To all princes, magistrates, and officers, that are placed over us, from the supreme governor to the lowest officer under him, should we render as a due debt, and not as a mere gift, whatever belongs to them, or is proper for them for the due discharge of their office, to encourage in it, and support the dignity of it, whether external or internal: 5:8, Walk as children of light.

Language Of Architecture Summary, Infinite Justice Gundam Mg, Fallout 4 Cut Creatures, Heckle Crossword Clue Nyt, Guest Service Agent Job Description For Resume,

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