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Madagascar Travel Blog. In the forest you have the chance to spot lemurs. When planning a trip to Madagascar keep in mind that even within 23 days we didn’t manage to squeeze in all the best things to do in Madagascar, but many of Madagascar’s highlights from North to West and South Madagascar were included in our itinerary. In this Madagascar travel blog I will share the best things to do in Madagascar, tips on where to stay in Madagascar and an amazing Madagascar itinerary to make the most of your trip. The tomb is basically a heap of stones. Le Relais de la Reine is a great option if you’re looking for a hotel between the rocks that is close to Isalo National Park. Located off the eastern coast of Africa, this island, nearly the size of France and the third-largest in the world, has a population over 26 million but sees less than 300,000 tourists a year.. Known as “Tana,” Antananarivo is a place to stop and explore the seventeenth-century history of the Merina Kingdom. San Cristobal Hotel offers a nice garden, a terrace and a cosy bar with a nice seating area including a flat screen TV. After seeing the best of Madagascar with its great biodiversity I understand why this 4th largest island in the world is also called the Eight Continent, Rainbow Island or the Red Island. If you are planning a trip to Madagascar, you are in the right place The different shapes as well as the changing colours of the eroded rock formations are quite interesting. Because of the low tourist numbers in Madagascar, you will only see a few other tourists, especially when you’re planning to do a longer hike. From Diego-Suarez in North Madagascar there are no direct flights to Morondava, so we had to bridge 1 night in the capital city of the country. Madalief also helped restoring the nearby school and built two classrooms. This 3-star hotel has quite big air-conditioned rooms with a flat screen TV, coffee & tea facilities and a fridge. As we were there on a national holiday, all shops were closed and we sadly couldn’t find any artists at work. Lac hotel Fianarantsoa is also very innovative and eco-friendly. My name is Tom and my biggest passion is obviously traveling. The most outstanding and exclusive sport activities are Via Ferrata (rock climbing) and horse riding. Apart from rock formations you will cross true oasis with crystal-clear water and natural swimming pools. Every tweet on Twitter, pin on Pinterest or share on Facebook is very much appreciated. Glad I found your travel blog. Be prepared for train failures and bring enough water and food. From rainforests to beaches, wildlife and astonishing rock formations, there is a diverse range of sights to explore. The journey along highway 7 included some of the best places to visit in Madagascar like: Lake Tritriva in Antsirabe, the rainy Ranomafana NP, the serene and peaceful Lake Sahambavy near Fianarantsoa, Anja Reserve with its ring-tailed lemurs, the beautiful peaks of Andringitra National Park, Isalo National Park and Zombitse National Park. Rano means ‘water’, and mafana means ‘hot’, referring to the many hot-water springs, in this area. Unfortunately we didn’t see any ‘dancing lemur’ in Isalo. Madagascar Unmasked: Wildlife, Nature and Beautiful People By Nellie Huang | 2015-08-21T05:21:58+02:00 July 19th, 2011 | There are few places as remote and wild as Madagascar, and even fewer that offer such fulfilling and authentic travel experiences. The walk will take you one hour. It’s the only operating passenger train line in Madagascar. We explored this beautiful island in 23 days. Zuzana I’m sure a Madagascar road trip will blow your mind. The hotel has several art-works like photos and paintings hanging around the whole building, something I really loved. This trail will take up to six hours. Hills and rice fields are part of this landscape. It’s not only for tourists but also the daily transportation of local Malagasy. Another thing to do in Tulear is visiting the Arboretum d’Antsokay, a botanical garden. There are two popular natural crater lakes outside of Antsirabe town, which are worth a visit: Lake Andraikiba and Lake Tritriva. It literally means ‘place at the beach’ and it’s the gateway to Avenue of the Baobabs. We were not able to add this place to our Madagascar itinerary, which is a pity because it seems to be a hikers paradise with spectacular views and a must-visit if you travel to Madagascar. A journey along Madagascar’s RN7 highway includes the most famous highlights of Madagascar. We are group of 3 planning to travel in Madagascar from 3 – 18 Nov. Reading your blog post, we understand that having a driver is a necessity. Hiking in the Anja Reserve is another Madagascar travel tip. The hot springs of Ranomafana are located across the Namorona River and are very popular among locals. Long time no blog. Read more about my story and how I afford to travel in this link. With nearly 90% of wildlife endemic to the island, Madagascar should be high on your bucket list. 11 Reasons To Book Remezzo Santorini in Imerovigli, White Side Suites, Oia Santorini | Every Traveler's Dream, 11 Reasons to stay at Theatro Hotel Odysseon in Meteora, Kalabaka, 10 Reasons to stay at Athenian Residences in Athens, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice | Waterfront with Amazing Venice Views, 26 Best Places to Visit in The Netherlands, guide for visiting the Avenue of the Baobabs, 10 Reasons to Stay in Hotel Klein Zwitserland, Check out my  155K Instagram account @traveltomtom, Morondava and Kirindy Forest Reserve – 3 nights, Fianarantsoa and Sahambavy - 1 or 2 nights, Ambalavao and Anja Reserve - 1 night or stopover, Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park - stopover. Don’t miss out on this stunning park, add this to your Madagascar itinerary. There is a small restaurant nearby where you can have lunch before or after the hike. Travelling around Madagascar takes time and is very slow even by African standards. Apart from hiking in Isalo National Park, there are plenty of other things to do in Isalo, like mountain biking, horse riding and wildlife watching. I’m still a bit disappointed we didn’t make it there on time. On your way from Ranohira to Tulear along the RN7 I highly recommend to make a short stop at Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park. Andringitra National Park has been called the Yosemite of Madagascar and has been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 2007 and definitely a place that needed to be included in this Madagascar travel blog, although I wasn’t able to visit myself. This Madagascar travel guide is written by travel photographer Kim Paffen, one of Traveltomtom’s talented team members with a deep-seated passion for traveling to Africa. Le Relais de la Reine also offers a number of sport and leisure activities in a serene area. Every circuit will show you parts of the amazing landscape of Isalo National Park. The tourist season falls between April and December, with the rainy season claiming the other months with risks of cyclones and many roads becoming un-passable. If you don’t have that much time, I would only stay in Tana to bridge your time between flights. For Kirindy I would advise to either stay in Kirindy Lodge inside the reserve or at Relais du Kirindy. Ranomafana offers a lot of activities, but because rainforests are subject to heavy rainfall, the weather can ruin your activities. There are many different hiking circuits that vary in length and duration. Glad that you were all ok despite all the unfortunate episodes that occurred in Madagascar. This non-profit organization with the purpose of giving underprivileged children in Madagascar a better future, was the result of a Dutch travel guide - Remi Doomernik - working in Madagascar and settling in Ambositra. The best time of year to travel to Madagascar depends on your specific interests. To see the real Malagasy life, I would advise you to go to the local market. Here are our top travel experiences and recommendations from traveling through Madagascar to go deeper into the country's unique nature, cultures, food, landscapes, and more. The roads are curvy and close to Ranomafana a bit dangerous depending on the weather conditions; road verges can be very soft or roads can even be closed after rain. Madagascar location: The island Indian Ocean lies on the southeast coast of Africa close to Mozambique. For those who have more time to spend in Tulear (read: beach days), I would advise to continue your road trip to Ifaty; a beautiful place along the coast about 30 km north of Tulear, where you can also discover a different species of Baobab: the Fony Baobab. They offer a WIFI connection in the room, something you don’t find often when traveling in Madagascar. I loved their continental breakfast with fresh eggs as well as their coffee. It’s not possible to do an overnight trip on your own! The depths of the Indian Ocean treasure fish of variegated colors and coral reefs of indefinite shapes. Apart from some oases, the trails offer very little shade. Madagascan Reefs are among the rare places on earth where you will get to swim along the whale sharks, manta rays, and stingrays. Warm… We plan to go to Madagascar in July to August 2017. Please help me in return by sharing the link of this article on the Internet. On the other hand I found it weird to be pulled by this friendly Malagasy man. The Bara is the only tribe that is allowed to bury the dead inside the park, up to the rocks. Planning a trip to Madagascar then also take a look at the beautiful archipelago Nosy Be in the North of the country. Miandrivazo is a village that lies on the main RN34 road between Morondava and Antsirabe. Antsirabe’s countryside is beautiful as well! The longer trail includes a hike to the top of the mountain at 1400 meter, where you will have a 360-degree view that includes a view of the city of Ambalavao, 13km away. Madagascar is a very safe country to travel to. During our stay we had heavy rains all-day long and there was a lot of fog. The extreme weather conditions kept me from doing this activity. Madagascar Island tourism: The vast island treasures thousand of species of animals and birds most of which are endemic.The geography of Madagascar island is an … Definitely one of the best places to visit in Madagascar. What about travelling families? It’s a very quiet and peaceful place. Travelling through Madagascar give you the feeling of being a true explorer, off the beaten track!

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