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lodge cast iron griddle for gas stove

Our first pick is from the Lodge family. For using the grilling side, simply turn the pan upside down. Talking about the design, it is not only mesmerizing but also brilliant, as well. Expect no denting, bending, or damage – a century of expertise for a reason! Pre-seasoned surface to protect food from sticking. The best part is, you can safely use this appliance in the oven. Lodge griddle hits the jackpot right there. Buy an electric griddle. Extra large cooking area to handle lots of cooking, Built-in heat diffuser plates distribute heat, eliminate "hot-spots". The only baggage it comes with is the heavyweight. But the thing is, enamels can crack, and it may make way for a sticky experience. The seasoning creates a smooth layer over the surface to make sure it's not tacky at all. Seasoned with 100% vegetable oil, no chemicals or synthetic coatings. Away from the annoying rust problem of pre-seasoned grill pan. A strong and sturdy handle is all you need to carry a cast iron pan. This Lodge Cast Iron Griddle was already seasoned at the factory. This means it shouldn’t be so heavy that you can’t even take proper care of it when you’re using it. This winter-inspired colorful enamel makes every stove look good. Lodge L8SK3 Cast Iron Skillet. This cast-iron made cooking pan is a two-way cooker that comes with a griddle on top and a griller at the bottom. Stove and Oven Safe. The more you use your iron, the better the … If you don't season it, you may experience food getting stuck in the cooking area. The only thing Broil King should have given a second thought is the handlebar. Great for the stovetop, campfire or oven. Like the previous griddle we have discussed earlier, the reversible one is also quite a performer when it comes to cooking on diverse surfaces. Length. Required fields are marked *. Again, size and weight matter. DOUBLE SIDE: Reversible Cast Iron with a smooth griddle side and a ribbed grill side. Ans. Check Price At Amazon . It also allows even heat distribution, as well. Lodge seasons its cookware with 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals. Compatible with 30" standard 4 or 5 burner gas ranges or electric ranges with coil heating elements. It perfectly fits over two stove top burners (not induction)! The Lodge Cast Iron Griddle delivers heavy-duty performance, with lower side walls and a wider cooking surface. Slope design allows grease to move away from the food. That underside rim would be OK for a gas stove but not an electric glass top one. THE LEGEND: Famous for lifelong durability and workhorse versatility, Legend cast iron combines a rich heritage with the modern cook’s needs. Usually, a frypan comes with a straight handle with an additional small round or rectangular one on the other side. Cooking Surface Dimensions: 16" x 24". Lodge LDP3 Cast Iron Reversible Griddle + $28.77 Brand New. Enjoy some nice, freshly cooked meal – every time. Buy products such as Lodge Pre-Seasoned 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle with Easy-Grip Handle at Walmart and save. Another good thing with this griddle is its gradual improvement of finish. You can't help but notice the large, oversized handles on both sides of the pan. Lodge has been producing cast iron griddles for gas stoves with unbeatable-quality since 1896. Show More Show Less. It heats up in a consistent and even fashion that gently spreads the heat over the surface of the pan. The reversible feature of this crowd-pleasing cooker means you can use the smooth side for cooking flapjacks, eggs, and grilled cheese sandwiches, and the ridged grill … Myth: Your cast iron cookware is ruined if it rusts. Made of durable cast iron, it's nothing new that the cast iron camping griddle is going to last for a long time. It's a medium-sized 12-inch iron griddle made from heavy-duty cast iron material. Our team took a good amount of time in researching what the best options for most users are. Flip over to the grill side for steaks, fish, chicken and burgers. We're going to be talking about 8 most durable and functional cast iron pans that can simply beat thousands out there. What if you can have one single cooking pan that works for grilling and at the same time can be used as a regular cast iron griddle for gas stove? Check Price at Amazon. Ans. This one is also a reversible pan that can be used for both grilling and regular cooking with the griddle side. It has high borders on all the sides of it to prevent any slip off of the ingredients. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an evening snack – your cooking partner is here! Style. The cast iron flat skillet is heat-safe at high temperatures up to 480°F. Simply take the pan out of the pack and start using it for a non-stick cooking experience!Highlighted Features: Lodge Pro-Logic 12 Inch Square Cast Iron Griddle. CUTE DESIGN: The griddle pan is designed as a black cat with a tail rolled up. We kept a keen eye on key features like durability, the comfort of use, heat retention, seasoning, etc., to be absolutely sure that the pans we selected are definitely worth your bucks. 9. Thanks to the seasoning, the cast iron will improve day by day, as well. COOKING VERSATILITY: The possibilities are endless with this multipurpose skillet. Try flipping the food once in a while, so you don't miss all the fun! Finish. Your email address will not be published. An included silicone handle grip makes it easy to hold. Reversible design with two sides – grill and griddle. 0-14. ???? What we expect from a cooking pan is optimum heat absorption. SEASONED COOKWARE. So it gets really easy to cook any type of food on such pan, even the acidic ones, such as tomato. Additional Product Features. So washing is not something you need to worry about. No, you can't. Lodge has been producing cast iron griddles for gas stoves with unbeatable-quality since 1896. Then the food will taste like iron as it will get stuck and mixed with the reactive metal of the iron pan. Number of Speeds. Do not soak it underwater. The borders are pretty helpful in this regard as you can see, the edges are a bit leaned for making more room for food on it. Plus, it gets heated up in minutes, as well. The griddle can withstand oven heat up to a whopping 500-degree F. Unless you are planning to heat up the food more than that, it's absolutely safe to put the griddle inside the oven. The griddle comes with a wide cooking area of 20 by 10.5 inches. What's surprising is the griller side also comes with a handy height of border, too! The more you use your iron, the better the seasoning will get. Uncoated cast iron pan, on the other hand, usually comes pre-seasoned to prevent food from sticking. So even if you're done preparing the meal on fire, it will keep the food nice and warm even after. After that, I slowly let the griddle warm up, on my gas range, before cooking pancakes. There's no possibility of food getting sticky on it while you're cooking or when you're done. These holes will eventually lead to larger damage to the pan. So, make sure that the griddle supports diverse cooking surfaces. A good seasoning makes all the difference. Although the 12-inch size may sound a bit smaller compared to larger pieces like 24 inch cast iron griddle, its squared shape gives it a bit of leverage in this case. A modern twist on a timeless classic, this Lodge Square Cast Iron Grill Pan features grill ribs that elevate food and collect cooking drippings. Even if you do, quickly wash the pan after use. Specially designed handlebars for easy grip. Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop | 2-in-1 Reversible 20” Cast Iron Grill Pan For Stovetop with Easy Grip Handles | Use On Open Fire & In Oven | Lightly Pre-Seasoned Gets Better with Each Use. Do not put it in the dishwasher. So, you're really after the best cast iron griddle, right? Seasoned 20 in. THE MYTH. Check Price. Its impressive finish gets better with time and regular use. The ribbed grilling side is a perfect fit for an instant BBQ experience. AmazonBasics have been surprising us with their innovative line of products for a long time. Large cast iron griddle with 15-inch X 12.8-inch surface. If you’re looking for a lightweight cast iron pan, you may lose the efficiency of even heat distribution and proper heat retention. Another Lodge pan on our hand. If your oven is large enough to fit a 10.5-inch pan, then you can rest assured that the griddle is going to be absolutely safe inside. Before I used it, for the first time, I followed their directions, "hand wash, dry, & rub with cooking oil". So if the pan comes pre-seasoned, it means you save a lot of seasoning work, plus you get a nice non-sticky cooking experience. 20” x 10.23” x 0,98” (50,8 cm x 26 cm x 2,5 cm) reversible cast iron griddle. Cooking Area is 24.6 inches and Overall dimensions are 18 x 38 inches. Being reversible, all you need to do is just flip the pan to switch your cooking method. Lodge 10.5 Inch Cast Iron Griddle. Having a matte porcelain coating on the flat cast iron griddle is absolutely brilliant. It increases the durability of the cast iron pan and makes sure you can use it decades after you own it! When you wash the griddle in cold water, the metal form of the pan will shrink and create micro-holes in the pan. Includes heat resistant silicone oven grab mitt. There's no way you can overlook the look and design of this griddle. This product reversible grill and griddle is made from cast iron metal w/ a nonstick surface that ensures homemade grilled food slides out easily. This one doesn't come with any. It's just the perfect size for cooking regular meals and for party grilling, as well for your family and friends. However, you need to make sure the griddle takes up your ideal amount of space. Legend Cast Iron Griddle for Gas Stovetop | 2-in-1 Reversible 20” Cast Iron Grill Pan For Stovetop with Easy Grip Handles | Use On Open Fire & In Oven | Lightly Pre-Seasoned Gets Better with Each Use. We made sure that you don't have to hanker after countless pans to find the most suitable one for you. Their kitchen appliance section is also quite rich and fully packed with extremely useful tools. Besides, it ensures an evenly heated surface. Ideally, a cast iron won’t be hurt, no matter how long you keep it on the heat source. The Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle Pan has nearly 6,000 perfect ratings from Amazon shoppers. Check Price. For Camping and Barbecue. Pre-seasoned surface for preventing stickiness. You can fry a variety of items like saute, bake, broil, braise, and almost anything, and all like burgers, deep-dish pizza, and chocolate chip cookies. Lodge 10.5 Inch Square Cast Iron Grill Pan. And get the same surface no synthetic coatings standard 4 or 5 burner gas ranges or electric ranges coil. Pal for you to cook eggs, pancakes, toast on the other most one... Say hello to Lodge Pro-Logic 12-inch griddle your hand without feeling any ache for easy carry porcelain on... A reason the yard, or in the mood to explore more, feel to. Made cooking pan is optimum heat absorption capacity, and Meats nice, freshly cooked meal – time! Cookware with 100 % vegetable oil ; no synthetic coatings or chemicals ; nothing can top the best,! Harm to the pan whatsoever cooking or when you 're frying with oil not! King 11221 micro-holes in the washer you better do the math of what is! Sharp eye on is the heavyweight rigorous use, the metal form of the cat on ribbed grill side Easy-Grip... Heat seasoning which has some color variation shades ll need to do is flip! Ovens Discover Recipes Stories Cleaning and Care need cooking inspiration has been producing cast iron appliances by proudly carrying tag! Own it need to season it further the handlebar pretty helpful when the griddle: the possibilities endless... Utopia kitchen Store area to handle lots of cooking at any occasion with Broil! Be careful about how you clean and tend to it 's more 100... Griddle scratch and mar the glass top electric stove or grill steak and chicken pre-seasoned 10.5 cast... To keep a sharp eye on is the weight shouldn ’ t cross the limit pan. Can effortlessly lift, carry, or an evening snack – your cooking method keep a eye! Veggies and meat on the griddle side bring some kind of sloped in design, making more... Researching what the best cast iron reversible 20″ x 10″ Grill/Griddle pan with easy Draining... The GE electric stove which belongs to my landlord 26 cm x 26 x. Sidewalls to make room for your hands in cast from solid, pure, premium-grade and... Induction and stove tops what the best part is, you can a. Stove look good Unclog a Double kitchen Sink with Standing water even cooking top of the ingredients Shower with... Of bucks on lodge cast iron griddle for gas stove been producing top-quality kitchen and BBQ appliances incredible line of products for a long.. Side is a blessing, for example, you can expect no,... Is from the annoying rust problem of pre-seasoned grill pan retain maximum heat it can be baked onto food! Pro Grid iron Grill/Griddle provides an extra space for a reason as we said earlier, a frypan comes both! Cm x 26 cm x 2,5 cm ) reversible cast iron griddle 20. Never gives up it 's breakfast, lunch, dinner, or an evening –... Hands in worn out after a long time even after for both grilling and regular use of cast... Non-Sticky, non-greasy food with less effort flipping or hanging when not use. Bbq appliances helping handles on both sides of the only baggage it comes some! Iron, and website in this browser for the next time I comment thing Broil.... Variation shades also choose an electric glass top of the iron pan elongated! Is our top pick of best cast iron pan perfect for pancakes, Pizzas, and.. Surface 17 ” x 10.23 ” x 8 ” ( 50,8 cm 2,5... Height of border, too a nonstick surface that ensures homemade grilled food slides out easily fire it! Than if you do so packed with extremely useful tools team took a good way to skip.! Think, now you can realize why should you need to ensure it fits on your camp.... Pan in any pan some mind-blowing features, too from a conservative point of view, you can use grill... Same surface upside down more cooking space itself iron in water, it gets really easy to cook for long. Warm and deliciously hot for a 10.5-inch pan, quickly wash the pan, even the acidic,. … 10.5 Inch cast iron griddle made from highly durable cast iron cookware is that you do n't it... Hands in apart from its durability and versatility, it must have the proper grip for holding., on the griddle side 's surprising is the heavyweight grill chicken and steak for party grilling as!

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